XtremeUpdater is an app increasing applications' performance, which means that it can be used as an FPS booster.

Why are other boosters bad?
Often FPS boosters only make FPS worse, because they load the system memory (RAM) with loads of resources. This causes system to swap files on your hard drive, reserving system resources for the processes that performs the actual swapping. This can lead to tragical decrease in overall system performance, lags and freezes. An another thing adds to this already bad behavior. Other boosters are constantly checking for processes that use lot of resources, but they never tell you about themselves. They only kill other processes. This can cause loss of data, hard drive corruption and other problems.

Why is our booster better?
Guess Why! XtremeUpdater does not require staying in the system memory, so it does not cause any of these issues. It also comes with a very nice and easy to use GUI.

But how does it work then?
XtremeUpdater speeds up apps' performance by updating their dependencies called Dynamic link libraries (Dlls), which often come with the actual programs outdated to support even the oldest versions of Windows, such as Windows XP. Even though XtremeUpdater updates the libraries to the latest versions made for modern operating systems, these libraries are most likely to work even with those outdated systems. And if something goes wrong, you just press restore instead of update.

And along all of this, XtremeUpdater comes with a one-click installer, auto-updates and tons of system tweaks.

Key features

Three key features

1. Dll Updater
Dll Updater is the most important part of XtremeUpdater. It works as described above. You only select a directory / game from the Game Collection (later on), select dlls you want to update and press the Update button.

2. Game Collection
Game collection is a place that every PC gamer will love. All your games at one place! Plus an option to Launch game and more coming soon! Game collection has an auto-detect for your games and you can of course add custom ones. We support many games atm and are planning to support even more. We need your help to discover new ones that you would like to add!

3. System Tweaks
Another tab in XtremeUpdater is called Tweaks. This tab is mostly focused at overall system performance. There is not much to see atm, but stuff is coming soon. ;)

Supported games

All games

XtremeUpdater should work with all sorts of games and apps, but here we list the tested and unfortunately unsupported ones.

Tested games:
League of Legends, Hearthstone

Unsupported games:

Installing XtremeUpdater

Three simple steps to install XtremeUpdater

I want to get your amazing app!
That's awesome! Please follow the following steps.

1. Get the installer
Click download. That's it.

2. Run the installer
As previously mentioned, XtremeUpdater comes with a fully automatic one-click installer. What does it mean? That means you only have to run the setup and it does everything for you. The installer will now clone the distribution repo from GitHub. Once the installer is done with it's job, it will automatically run XtremeUpdater.

3. You are all set up
If you did not encounter with any problems and XtremeUpdater successfully started, that means you can move on to the next section Using XtremeUpdater. Thank you for installing!

In the other case please contact our support. We will help you solve all present issues so you can keep using our app.

Using XtremeUpdater

Three simple steps to make your fps higher

Select a game from the Game Collection

Click the update button

You are done!

Getting XtremeUpdater


Interested in our app? It's no big deal getting XtremeUpdater. Actually, it's totally free and OpenSource! Go ahead and click the download button. Don't be afraid!

Our team

Tomáš Hobza David Knack Jakub Bláha Reiny Zamayuti

This is our team. The team consists of four developers with enthusiasm for gaming. We did make up this team out of an earlier project, which we have taken the idea from. We want to utilise our abilities to develop new apps for Gamers with old machines, because we know the feeling of lacking strong hardware. We also want to serve the best support to our users. If you have any new ideas for any apps, please contact us. We wish you a nice day.